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Yoga in Stoke Newington - Classes in pregnancy, iyengar, ashtanga, hatha, asana, and pranayama


Yoga classes in Stoke Newington and north London for iyengar, ashtanga, hatha, raja, asana, pranayama, nidra, pregnancy, post natal, mother and baby 

Louise Leonard - iyengar
Madelaine Heinemann - hatha, hatha flow, ashtanga, pregnancy, mum/baby, ayurvedic, structural
Gilly Angell – scaravelli, raja/classical asana, pranayama, nidra
Nicky Bowden - ashtanga, hatha
Felicity McDonald - Supple Strength, Alignment focused, Gentle, Fusion

 Felicity McDonald  

Supple Strength, Alignment focused, Gentle, Fusion
Yoga Stoke Newington
One to one and small group training to transform your body and achieve your personal goals in the comfort of your own home.  I teach in Stoke Newington, Central and North East London. 

  • 15 years Classical Ballet training.

  • Certified Level 3 Pilates teacher.

  • Certified Supple Strength teacher.

  • Certified CPR trained and registered with REPs.

  • Special interest in supporting the hypermobile body, Elhers-Danlos Syndrome and balance in the female body.
I teach both Pilates and Supple Strength with a strong influence from my classical ballet background, focusing on alignment, relaxation and developing mind body connection. 

Supple Strength blends yoga, Pilates and body conditioning and is very similar to gentle yoga. Sessions fuse both Supple Strength and Pilates for a total body workout developing focus, improving muscle tone, core strength and relieving tight muscles. 

I also teach Supple Strength only sessions working through a range of postures, dynamic stretches and focused movements.  These sessions build strength, flexibility and balance centering on relaxation, ending with a light mindful meditation practice reducing stress and relaxing the body and mind.

I have experience working with a wide range of spinal conditions, injuries and chronic conditions and can help you learn how to support your body in a way that suits your individual needs. 

Sessions are completely tailored to your body and your goals but will generally be a unique mix of Pilates and Supple Strength providing a full body workout personalised for you whether you want to rebuild and realign after injury, prepare for a ski/snow/surf holiday, improve your sporting or dance performance, stabilise hypermobile joints, condition and shape your body or to improve every day comfort and function. 

Here are some examples of what we can work on:

  • Tone and sculpt your body to elongate muscular structure of the legs and arms, build abdominal muscle tone, firm up and sculpt your back and butt to build the foundations for an elegant shape akin to a ballerina’s body.
  • Improve posture, body confidence and back health while cultivating healthy alignment.
  • Build a strong core to make everyday activities easier and improve sports performance.
  • Injury avoidance and restoring balance.
  • Develop mind body connection and build relaxation into your routine to feel rejuvenated and replenished.
  • Develop muscular strength and flexibility to support healthy joints and increase freedom of movement.
  • Reduce stress levels and tension held in the body and enhance balance and coordination.

For more information, please visit my website: www.felicitymcdonald.co.uk  or to book an appointment email: felicitymcdonaldtotalbody@gmail.com

Pilates Stoke Newington

  Louise Leonard   

The Well Garden
Sunday afternoon
4 to 5:30pm (90 minutes)
Wednesday morning
10 to 11.30am (90 minutes)
17 Amhurst Terrace
Hackney Downs Studios E8 2BT
£14 per class drop-in or £90 for 10 class pass
All levels
Monday morning
9:15 to 10:15pm (1 hour) 
257 Liverpool Road
Islington, London N1 1LX
£10 per class drop-in or £9 per class paying monthly
All levels
Email: louise@louiseleonard.co.uk
Website: www.northlondonyoga.org
Tel: 07939 901515
Iyengar Yoga
Iyengar yoga focuses on the structural alignment of the body through physical postures and breathing practices. It is characterised by precision and attention to detail and is accessible to people of all levels of fitness.It aims to unite the body mind and spirit for health and stress reduction. It will help you to:
Balance strength with flexibility
Improve stamina
Refine posture
Develop stability
Sharpen mind/body awareness
Allow you to work hard then be able to relax completely
Louise is a fully qualified Iyengar Yoga teacher who has been studying yoga for over 15 years. Her classes are energetic and upbeat. Louise is keen to help everybody to improve, no matter what your shape or size! She brings a sense of enthusiasm and humour to her classes. Students work hard but have fun.
Classes are taught in N16, N1 and E8. To book an appointment at any location please ring 07939 901515 or email louise@louiseleonard.co.uk For full details please visit Louise's website www.northlondonyoga.org
Feel free to contact Louise if you have questions or require any further information.
  Gilly Angell 

Home Studio - Nevill Road, Stoke Newington, London N16
Tel: 020 7249 6664 or 07975 674802
Yoga in the Style of Scaravelli
This form of externally soft, but powerful internal yoga, utilises the breath and gravity to energise the spine to unfold like a wave opening and energising the whole body.
With breath and gravity engaged the spine releases residual tension and harnesses latent energy, allowing us to co-ordinate our bodies and lives in a different way..
Raja Yoga
Yoga is a psycho/spiritual tradition, at least 10,000 years old, which allows the body, mind and spirit to be combed of all impurities.
Studying the internal nature of our being, leads to the control of the internal and external worlds. This process transcends the ego and the spirit of the Self is revealed..
Yoga Nidra
The practice of Yoga Nidra allows you to experience a deep state of relaxation physically, mentally and emotionally as the brain waves move from Beta to Alpha. A thirty-minute practice of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to four hours sleep.
The Sessions
The classes are a fusion of  Raja/Classical Yoga ,influenced by Scaravelli and are holistic in nature , allowing students to develop their yoga practice at a deep spiritual level through asana, pranayama, Yoga Nidra and meditation.
The classes are small and friendly, taught from the individual, not the group, encouraging students to develop their own home practice. Both beginners and advanced students are welcome.
Yoga For Cancer and End of Life
From personal experience Gilly has seen how yoga can support cancer patients with gentle asanas, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation. Visits can be arranged either at the client’s house or in hospital.  
The Teacher
Gilly has been teaching for over 20 years  and continues to work with teachers in the tradition of Raja and Scaravelli yoga. Her clients have included schools, local authorities, business, government, special needs,art institutions and 1:1.
Yoga Sessions
Asana & Pranayama
Practice - Mondays 8.00pm - 9.00pm Church Hall, Defoe Road, Stoke Newington, London N16
Asana & Pranayama Practice - Wednesdays 8am - 9am and 10am – 11am Church Hall, Defoe Road, Stoke Newington, London N16
Please call Gilly on 020 7249 6664 or email gillyangell3@gmail.com for details.

  Madelaine Heinemann   

I am not currently running classes in London but please contact me for 1 to 1 queries
Hatha Yoga
Hatha yoga is a form of yoga that emphasises specific postures in combination with controlled breathing to bring about physical health and mental well-being. There are many different types of posture to help make the spine supple and to promote balance, flexibility and circulation.

Structural Yoga
One to one consultations to help to correct structural imbalances and muscle tensions. This includes problems such as back, shoulder and neck problems that orthodox medicine has been unable to resolve satisfactorily.

Individual one to one, private classes, private groups and corporate classes available. Please inquire.

Madelaine is a very experienced teacher with a wide knowledge of many different forms of yoga. She has taught in school, college, local authority, leisure centre, businesses, special needs and much else. For full details please visit her website or if you have any questions please phone 020 8806 2364 

  Nicky Bowden    
Nicky teaches Ashtanga Yoga, Dynamic Hatha Yoga and Gentle Hatha Yoga. Private one-to-one or small group classes in Stoke Newington area, at your home or mine. These are an ideal way to either learn and fine-tune the basics or to refine your practice at a more advanced level. Also recommended if you wish to come back to yoga after a period of not practicing. Please get in touch for more details.

Mobile: 07803047701
Nicky has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and teaching for 10 years. She has a British Wheel of Yoga Accredited Teaching Diploma, and has also completed a Foundation Course in Yoga Therapy at The Yoga Biomedical Trust and John Scott’s Techniques of Teaching short course.