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Shiatsu Stoke Newington - Massage Therapist North London


Shiatsu massage in Stoke Newington, North London

 Ruth Solomon  
Stoke Newington/Clapton Practice in Hackney
Also available for Home Visits
Telephone for appointments: 020 8806 1129
Email: yellruthtoday@yahoo.co.uk

Shiastu For Adults
The way that I work with adults seeking a treatment is to listen to the body, not as a problem, but as a movement seeking completion.

Witnessing and becoming atuned to this inner movement by attention to the breath creates a dialogue between practitioner and reciever. This actually involves adjustments in both practitioner and receiver and that is when Resonance occurs.

Change is about movement but it is also about finding a place or opportunity for rest. The scope to do this can be explored in a session, the body responding in the most easy way whilst integrating and so allowing to shift, areas of pain.

Touch may be light or deeper. It is the situation of the person and how this unfolds that determines the emphasis of a treatment. Treatment then is about acknowledgement and the acumulated awareness that this brings, both during and after a session.

For further information or make make an appointment with Ruth for shiatsu massage in Hackney please call 020 8806 1129 or email:

Shiastu For Children With Special Needs
I am a qualified Shiatsu Practitioner incorporating Dynamic Exercises and Music in order to work with children with Special Needs.

I work with children with a range of emotional and physical difficulties as well as problems with the central nervous system which compromise standing, walking and sitting.

My approach is to engage with a child at a point which is easy and enjoyable for them and so to encourage expansion from a safe and familiar place.

Firstly it is about where they want to position themselves. Then, over time it becomes about where movement and change is interesting through this connection.

Although I work on what is weak or tight, I engage with what is positive and open too for this is a central part of who we are and who we need to be.

I feel strongly that Therapy is Educational, teaching a person ultimately to balance through their own initiative.

It also teaches a trust and toleration for the way we all are in the world. At every instance it is the choice of each person whether they want to change and in what ways this feels possible.

Living is really about a continuous moment by moment realignment. When it stops happening for whatever reason there can be discomfort until the drama is allowed to unfold a little more.

Shiatsu, as a way of witnessing and allowing this process, can help at specific times in ones life.

I also run a private practice for Adults from my home.

Ruth is a member of the Shiatsu Society and is a member of Freshwinds, a Children`s Complementary Network for health practitioners.

For further information or make make an appointment with Ruth for shiatsu massage in Hackney please call 020 8806 1129 or email:

 Alice Dellow  

Shiatsu Stoke Newington
Shiatsu Practitioner
Stoke Newington Church Street at Shine Holistic
Saturdays 1.30pm - 6.30pm
To make an appointment, or to ask questions, please contact Alice on: 07407 370 337 or

Shiatsu with Alice is a deeply relaxing form of massage involving non-invasive touch, combined with highly skilled joint mobilisation and fascial release.
During your treatment, physical tension and pain will melt away while emotional stresses will be smoothed out, releasing your body and mind from daily and longterm pressures; leaving you with a sense of physical and emotional wellbeing.
Shiatsu is used to treat most dis-ease in the body and works on the causal, as well as the symptomatic.
Shiatsu is excellent for musculoskeletal and digestive issues, hormonal changes, stress related symptoms, working through grief, and undoing responses to trauma, be they recent or historic.  Shiatsu treatments will leave you feeling deeply relaxed.
For an appointment, please contact:
Alice on: 07407 370 337 or alice@alicedellow.com
Shine Holistic on: 020 7241 5033
Or go to: www.alicedellow.com

Further Information About Shiatsu Massage

Shi (finger)atsu (pressure) has traditions going back many centuries in the Far East, but it wasn't until the 20th century when the Japanese Tokujiro Namikoshi developed it into a comprehensive therapy.

Philosophically it is similar to acupuncture in that it aims to stimulate an optimum flow of vital energy or qi flowing along the pathways or meridians which cover the surface of the body. In this way the body's ability to self-heal is enhanced to improve physical, emotional and psychological health. It does this by the application of special massage, pressure and stretching techniques.

The practitioner will take a detailed case history and ask about symptoms. Traditional Chinese methods of diagnosis may be employed. The client is usually asked to lie on a padded mat, fully clothed. Various techniques may be used to improve the flow of qi using the practitioner's thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows and feet as deemed necessary. From gentle holding and pressing to more dynamic rotations and stretches. Sessions may last up to an hour.

For further information please visit The Shiatsu Society