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Personal Fitness Trainer Stoke Newington & London Wide - Mobile & Home Training


 Felicity McDonald 

Total Body Training and Supple Strength
Pilates Stoke Newington
One to one and small group training to transform your body and achieve your personal goals in the comfort of your own home.  I teach in Stoke Newington, Central and North East London. 

  • 15 years Classical Ballet training.

  • Certified Level 3 Pilates teacher.

  • Certified Supple Strength teacher.

  • Certified CPR trained and registered with REPs.

  • Special interest in supporting the hypermobile body, Elhers-Danlos Syndrome and balance in the female body.

I teach both Pilates and Supple Strength with a strong influence from my classical ballet background, focusing on alignment, relaxation and developing mind body connection. 

Supple Strength blends yoga, Pilates and body conditioning and is very similar to gentle yoga. Sessions fuse both Supple Strength and Pilates for a total body workout developing focus, improving muscle tone, core strength and relieving tight muscles. 

I also teach Supple Strength only sessions working through a range of postures, dynamic stretches and focused movements.  These sessions build strength, flexibility and balance centering on relaxation, ending with a light mindful meditation practice reducing stress and relaxing the body and mind.

I have experience working with a wide range of spinal conditions, injuries and chronic conditions and can help you learn how to support your body in a way that suits your individual needs. 

Sessions are completely tailored to your body and your goals but will generally be a unique mix of Pilates and Supple Strength providing a full body workout personalised for you whether you want to rebuild and realign after injury, prepare for a ski/snow/surf holiday, improve your sporting or dance performance, stabilise hypermobile joints, condition and shape your body or to improve every day comfort and function. 

Here are some examples of what we can work on:

  • Tone and sculpt your body to elongate muscular structure of the legs and arms, build abdominal muscle tone, firm up and sculpt your back and butt to build the foundations for an elegant shape akin to a ballerina’s body.
  • Improve posture, body confidence and back health while cultivating healthy alignment.
  • Build a strong core to make everyday activities easier and improve sports performance.
  • Injury avoidance and restoring balance.
  • Develop mind body connection and build relaxation into your routine to feel rejuvenated and replenished.
  • Develop muscular strength and flexibility to support healthy joints and increase freedom of movement.
  • Reduce stress levels and tension held in the body and enhance balance and coordination.

For more information, please visit my website: www.felicitymcdonald.co.uk  or to book an appointment email: felicitymcdonaldtotalbody@gmail.com

Pilates Stoke Newington

Why Choose A Personal Fitness Trainer?

You may be considering whether to join a gym or a fitness class. These are certainly valid options but there are many advantages to choosing a personal fitness trainer.

A personal fitness trainer is able to:

  • assess you as an individual in meeting your personal requirements and deciding what you are capable of. People can sometimes feel they are on a production line in a gym, finding it something of a robotic experience. Personal fitness training is just that, personal and individual.
  • help you calculate your personal goals.
  • personalise your workouts. Once you know what your personal goals are, your training workouts can be individualised to help you achieve them.
  • make sure you are performing the training in the correct manner. You get instant feedback so you can make adjustments to prevent injury, or to maximise results for the effort you are putting in.
  • make adjustments to an exercise if it is felt that it is too advanced for you or you are not yet ready. Similarly, the trainer may find the training is too easy for you, that you require more challenge, in which case the difficulty level can be adjusted upwards.
  • make sure you don't get bored by varying routines, challenging different muscle groups and making use of exercise equipment.
  • greatly increase the chances of meeting your fitness goals.

    Let's face it, most people start off with the best of intentions but give up after a while. You are much more likely to persist if you have the support of a personal fitness trainer. With somebody working with you, motivating you, and offering encouragement.

    When you witness the results for yourself, whether it's losing weight, seeing muscle growth, running up the stairs without puffing and panting, improved endurance and function, you are very likely to continue until your goals are achieved.

To look good, feel great and be admired by others call Tim: 07950 800 854 or email Felicity felicitymcdonaldtotalbody@gmail.com