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Past Life Regression London - Deep Memory Process


Past Life Regression in London

Find Out About Your Past Life With The Help Of Therapist Gilly Angell in Stoke Newington, Hackney, north London

 Gilly Angell

Nevill Road, Stoke Newington, Hackney, London N16
Tel: 020 7249 6664
Email: gillyangell3@gmail.com

Deep Memory Process Therapy
  • Explain unfound fears and phobias
  • Give insight into long-standing health problems 
  • Bring back lost gifts and talents
Past life memories continue to run our lives today. By holding onto the past our physical body symptoms can very often mirror our past life stories. By helping the body to remember the story we can free up the emotions of the past. We can then live much more in the present, thus having a greater chance of creating the future we most desire.

This work also helps to clear the energy bodies of any misplaced energy that we may bring with us from former lives. It enables us to reclaim energies that we might have lost or given away in other lifetimes. It is in a sense what shamans call a form of soul retrieval.

Where many therapies focus mainly on the mental level, Deep Memory Process Therapy transforms body, mind, emotion and spirit simultaneously. The results for clients are profound.

Deep healing may occur in just a few sessions.

Gilly Angell successfully completed her training as a Deep Memory Process Therapist with Dr. Roger Woolger.

If you want to discover past lives, or remember a past life for the profound benefits this brings, then please call practitioner Gilly Angell on 020 7249 6664 or email:
gillyangell3@gmail.com to book a session or for further information